The Texas Black Expo

Branding, Research, Packaging, Website Design, Content Strategy

2019 – 2023

Empowering Communities with The Texas Black Expo: Redefining Cultural Impact

Our digital branding agency had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with The Texas Black Expo, an organization that goes beyond being a tradeshow and is a force for positive change in Texas communities. While the Juneteenth Summer Celebration stands as the state’s largest cultural marketing tradeshow, The Texas Black Expo is a socially-responsible, statewide community organization that inspires youth, strengthens communities, and aims to build better lives for all.

The scope of our project involved a complete branding overhaul of their iconic tradeshow and their digital impressions efforts. Our task was to revise their logo, a symbol seen by millions, and implement a seasonal color palette that perfectly captured the spirit of their events. Furthermore, we played a crucial role in shaping their brand positioning, ensuring their message resonated with their diverse audience.

Given the unique nature of this event, we conducted thorough market research before diving into deliverables. This allowed us to gain valuable insights into their target audience and tailor our strategies accordingly. We curated compelling imagery, developed custom iconography, and produced captivating videos that showcased the essence of The Texas Black Expo. These assets were strategically utilized across various digital platforms, including social media content, printable artifacts, websites, and a native application, ensuring widespread engagement and a seamless brand experience.

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